How is it possible to contribute and join in the battle against FGM and early marriages?


The costs of visiting the villages, hosting visitors, teaching and starting small scale businesses in the villages - some of them being very remote - set its limits to what the Teng’ena Community Development Organization can do.


So any kind of donations - bigger or smaller - will be highly appreciated!


If you would like to contribute please use the information below:


Name of account: Tengena Community Development Org

Account  number: 0133733089900 

Receiver’s address: Teng'ena Community Development Organization, P.O.BOX 119, Monduli-Arusha-Tanzania

Post code: 23402 Engutoto


Name of bank: CRDB BANK PLC


Have a look at the campaign that we are about launch:

Help us wash away Female Genital Mutilation with soap

On behalf of the Teng’ena Community Development Organization - thanks for taking interest in this cause, read more about our campaign below

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More Info

A former visitor in 2022 (Eva) has written:

Leah is fighting against Female genital mutilation and early child marriage in the Maasai communities around Arusha, Tanzania for over a year now. To help her in this important mission, I decided to raise funds for my friends Leah and Moise. 

Leah is very brave to stand up and fight against the traditions that are so deeply rooted in their community and culture. They believe with FGM girls 'become real woman' and are ready to marry. This will give the family a bride price and secure the future of the girl as she is now ready to live with her husband. Also the woman executing the female circumcision is getting paid. Girls between 9-19 years old are victim of both FGM and early marriage. 

After having experienced the effects of FGM herself during giving birth to 3 children, Leah decided she will no longer accept this in her community.

She and her husband travel all villages around, educating and helping people to make a change. They truly believe it can and will happen. The next generation will not face what they have dealt with in the past. "It's a new time. It's a modern time. We should and don't have to do this anymore."

One of the things they do is take away the need for money from the woman who is doing the FGM and the need for families to marry out their daughter to receive a bride price.

In this organization we needs land for building a kindagatern school for the maasai children with two classrooms and one toilet and one teachers office mashine to make soap, behaves for keeping bees, one printer if we can get this materials it helps us for office but help the community to stop FGM and early marriage by engenge in entreneurship and get more profits.

Furthermore, education and setting an example is most important to eradicate FGM and early child marriage.

Men have also joined the fight and understand that FGM impacts education too if girls are keeping out of school because of recovery and health issues they might endure. 

If you would like to help: Leah and her husband started the NGO TENG’ENA Community Development Organization.

Also money donations are being accepted and they can give proof where the money is used for.