Here is what we are

Main objectives of TECODEO

To eradicate early marriage

To inform about the negative impacts of female genital mutilation

To help orphans and children from poor families with fees, clothes, food and others needs

To educate people in how to conserve environment and water resources

TENG’ENA Community Development Organization has existed since the 10th of February 2022. At the moment we consist of 28 devoted members. 

We have an educational and community based NGO with our top goals being to eradicate female genital mutilation (FGM) and child marriage.

Our challenges are many in our efforts to meet the needs of the Maasai women’s struggle against FGM - at the same time trying to replace the financial loss of NOT letting themselves violated through FGM.

While visiting the Maasai  villages we strive to bring donations of many kinds with us - together with small educational programs to empower the women and give them hopes for a sustainable future.

Donations are such as grain/seeds for growing crops, food, clothes and basic materials for making soap and other products. 

For moving around the villages, the NGO has a vehicle and its maintenance costs are quite high as we drive long distances to villages in remote areas. 

We still try to see if we can afford a printer so we can distribute further information about our projects.

All contributions are therefore more than welcome and are received with great thanks.